Mini EEG Caps

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Mini EEG Caps are used to record EEG and EP potential by using multi-purpose electrodes and for neurofeedback training. The electrodes are placed according to the international 10-20 system or according to recording requirements.

  • Mini EEG Caps are made in six different sizes which cover all sizes from the biggest head span to the smallest, or more precisely:
  • three children sizes
  • three adult sizes (in case a child has the head span of an adult, the adult size is used)

The caps are usually attached below the chin, and for more sensitive patients or long-term recording they can be attached using a chest harness


  • green 57-62
  • red 52-57
  • yellow 47-52
  • green d 42-47
  • red d 37-42
  • yellow d 32-37


The caps are selected according to the head span which is measured with the supplied special measure tape. The appropriate cap is placed on the patient’s head.

The electrodes are placed according to the international 10-20 layout or according to recording requirements.


The Mini EEG cap can be fastened under the patient’s chin using the Velcro straps (for routine recording), or the cap can be fastened to a chest harness (as with Comby EEG Cap) which goes under the patient’s arms (for sensitive patients, children, longer recording sessions).


The electrodes are connected to the EEG device by connection wires.


After the recording is finished, the cap should be washed in warm water with a slight solution of liquid disinfectant hand detergent (Plivasept). If there is any leftover gel on the electrodes, it should be cleaned using a cotton swab. Rinse and dry with a towel and leave to dry for the following day.